Hello world!

Hey folks, keep watching this spot right here. We are going to post all things related to Chris Levick. THE Chris Levick….from Australia, that happens to be living in Florida right now.

See Chris is a vile little man that continually cons, steals, threatens folks in both Australia and the United States.

Keep watching as we post every detail that we can find publicly. We are currently working with three different Newspapers and 2 Magazines to write the story of Chris Levick.

This site will evolve over the next few days. Potential investors need to watch here closely as all of his business dealings will become national news. Doesn’t hurt that he was doing some illegal things in the Poker Industry. You will see all that here too.

Did you know that Chris Levick has hired a number of attorneys in Australia to send out threatening letters and such to people all over Australia? He owes several Attorneys thousands upon thousands of dollars. Never paid a one of them. What chance do you think Attorneys working in America will get paid?

Keep watching this space. Going to be some beautiful information coming your way.

One last detail. Chris Levicks name is going to be number one in every search engine when you look up Fodder or anything that has to do with Fodder.

Feel free to add your comments to the blog here. They will be published for the entire world to see.

G’Day Mate!

One thought on “Hello world!”

  1. What a pick, this arsehole has ripped people off in every field of business that he has been involved in. Send me a threatening letter and let’s go to court you pice of shit. When you get here for your court date let me know and I will pick you up from the airport. The amount of people that you have ripped off over here there will be a line up to pick you up I would think.

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