Bummer Mate

We have now secured the web site. Mr. Levick has been sending emails to anyone that will listen to get the site removed. That isn’t going to happen. This site is going to grow and grow and publish as much info as possible. Two other large sites have contacted us wanting to publish more about Mr. Levick to a larger audience. Some cool new things coming down the road in the next couple weeks.

We finally got it narrowed down to where Mr. Levick is located. He constantly checks this web site from his phone and his computer. So we traced it back to him. We sent out an email to all the folks he bilked out of money and they now know where he is located.

More importantly he hasn’t even slowed down in his pursuits of bilking folks out of money. Unfortunately he has made his girlfriend/partner a part of his schemes. A new company in her name has emerged. Just when you think he can’t go any lower he beats the last one by a mile. The folks working out the grant money were more than helpful and we actually got an address for him.

Be sure to be on the lookout for a company called Innovative Agricultural Services Australia. That is the name of the fake company Levick started under his girlfriends name.

We have more info but we are adding it to a bunch more here shortly for a better post. Keep watching.

When Paul found out all the things Chris has been up to, he wasn’t very happy at all. Investors are really starting to catch wind of the work Levick has been up too.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates. Did we mention we are posting all the creditors just in Australia he owes money to? We will post that, then round up all the Americans he bilked and then post them. That way you can actually contact them and see what’s going on.

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